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Staff Focus

Photos of exceptional staff

A world-class educational system fully leverages the talent, energy and creativity of highly engaged staff. Staff engagement is a prerequisite to student engagement so we foster a culture that brings out the best in our employees.

Staff Focus: Amy Miller, School Social Worker, Homewood Center

Amy Miller is one of four licensed school social workers at HCPSS’ Homewood Center, where she serves as a leader of the school’s Bridges Program. In that capacity, Miller provides therapy to students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) who struggle with social and emotional challenges ranging from anxiety and depression to autism, mood disorders, and psychiatric conditions that affect their well-being and academic performance.

Staff Focus: Darius Martin, Mail Room Assistant

If you work in or have visited the Howard County Public Schools System’s Department of Education building/Central Office (CO), you probably know or have seen Darius Martin. Martin works in the mailroom, where he meters and records mail and packages, sorts mail for distribution via HCPSS’ pony express system, stuffs and labels materials, operates assorted office equipment (including a web-based package tracking system), and performs other administrative duties. Martin also hand-delivers and collects mail from Central Office staff twice a day.

Staff Focus: Josh Wasilewski, Principal, New High School #13

When the doors open to New High School #13 for students in August 2023, one of the first smiling faces students will see is that of Principal Josh Wasilewski, who by then will have been waiting an entire year to welcome his students into their new school.

Staff Focus: Jeff Fink, Principal, Oakland Mills High School

Here, Jeff Fink shares the story of his journey to becoming principal of Oakland Mills High School.

Staff Focus: Terry Eberhardt, Music Coordinator

Terry Eberhardt has always loved music. As a child, he put on concerts for his family, and sang in his elementary and middle school choruses while also experimenting with different instruments, including the organ, piano, clarinet and saxophone. He earned a scholarship to play percussion at a private high school. He found joy in all […]

Staff Focus: Diane Moe, School Counselor, Jeffers Hill Elementary School

Diane Moe has been a counselor at Jeffers Hill Elementary School since 1999. In that time, she has helped countless students by providing academic, social, and emotional support.

Staff Focus: Joshua Simmons, Custodian Day Supervisor, Mount View Middle School

Joshua Simmons is the custodian day supervisor at Mount View Middle School. Every day, he and his four-person custodial team perform a wide variety of tasks to ensure that students and staff have a clean space in which to learn and work.

Staff Focus: Javion Hinmon, School Bus Driver, Registrar

Javion Hinmon is passionate about his work as an HCPSS school bus driver. For him, driving a school bus is about much more than transporting students; it’s about building meaningful relationships.

Staff Focus: Allison Whitney, Community and Workforce Engagement Specialist

Allison Whitney, HCPSS’ Community and Workforce Engagement Specialist, leads the district’s staff well-being and recognition efforts. She also plays a large role in community engagement around major school system efforts, helping to support engagement opportunities and coordinating the work of various advisory committees.

Staff Focus: Diane Curry, English Teacher and JumpStart Lead Teacher, River Hill High School

Diane Curry has spent much of her career promoting literacy, most recently as an English teacher and lead JumpStart teacher at River Hill High School.