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Staff Focus

Photos of exceptional staff

A world-class educational system fully leverages the talent, energy and creativity of highly engaged staff. Staff engagement is a prerequisite to student engagement so we foster a culture that brings out the best in our employees.

Staff Focus: Javion Hinmon, School Bus Driver, Registrar

Javion Hinmon is passionate about his work as an HCPSS school bus driver. For him, driving a school bus is about much more than transporting students; it’s about building meaningful relationships.

Staff Focus: Allison Whitney, Community and Workforce Engagement Specialist

Allison Whitney, HCPSS’ Community and Workforce Engagement Specialist, leads the district’s staff well-being and recognition efforts. She also plays a large role in community engagement around major school system efforts, helping to support engagement opportunities and coordinating the work of various advisory committees.

Staff Focus: Diane Curry, English Teacher and JumpStart Lead Teacher, River Hill High School

Diane Curry has spent much of her career promoting literacy, most recently as an English teacher and lead JumpStart teacher at River Hill High School.

Staff Focus: Sarah Mayhew, ESOL Teacher, Well-Being Representative, Oakland Mills Middle School

ESOL Teacher Sarah Mayhew supports 38 English language learners at Oakland Mills Middle School, where she also helps staff to improve their well-being.

Staff Focus: David Floyd, 4th Grade Teacher, Bellows Spring Elementary School

David Floyd, a fourth grade teacher at Bellows Spring Elementary School, integrates technology to enhance students’ educational experience.

Staff Focus: Clara Hendrick, Alternative Education Paraeducator, Laurel Woods Elementary School

Laurel Woods Elementary School Alternative Education Paraeducator Clara Hendrick works closely with a handful of students who have behavioral challenges, and she helps teachers with developing the most effective strategies to reach them.

Staff Focus: Donald Felch, CMSgt, USAF (Ret), JROTC Aerospace Science Instructor, Oakland Mills High School

Chief Master Sergeant Donald Felch combines his love for developing young leaders with his military background and civilian education in his role as a JROTC aerospace science instructor at Oakland Mills High School.

Staff Focus: David Klotz, Advanced Physical Science Teacher, Howard High School

Howard High School’s David Klotz has helped to launch the Advanced Physical Science course countywide and to revamp Howard’s School Improvement efforts.

Staff Focus: Kenny Porritt, Reach Academy Program Co-Lead and Special Educator, Long Reach High School

Kenny Porritt serves as the special educator and co-lead of Long Reach High School’s 9th grade Reach Academy, a restorative justice program designed to support and accelerate student achievement through the first year of high school.

Staff Focus: Ella Bradley, Human Capital Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Manager

The former teacher and later assistant principal is now making her mark in HCPSS Human Resources. She has been instrumental in HCPSS’ efforts to diversify its workforce, and works hard to help educators take the next step in their professional journey.