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Stakeholders Invited to Provide Feedback on the HCPSS Feasibility Study

June 10th, 2022

At the June 9 Board of Education meeting, the HCPSS Office of School Planning presented its 2022 Feasibility Study, through which the Board will review long-term capital planning options and school capacity utilizations. Additionally, this study advances the planning to open New High School #13 in the fall of 2023. It is important to clarify that there will be no changes to school boundaries for this upcoming 2022-2023 school year. Any changes eventually approved will impact the 2023-2024 school year.

Stakeholders are encouraged to review the four redistricting options and additional information included in the study and provide feedback via online survey. Through the survey, stakeholders can express interest in participating in a focus group or a community feedback session this summer to help inform the Superintendent’s recommendation to the Board.

The survey is now closed

The Feasibility Study provides the first opportunity to evaluate potential boundary modifications to establish an attendance area for New High School #13, scheduled to open for the 2023-2024 school year and is located near Mission Road and Washington Boulevard (Rt. 1) in Jessup. The communities located in the eastern part of Howard County are most likely to be impacted by this redistricting process, based on the options in the Feasibility Study.

There are several more steps before a decision is finalized—including multiple opportunities for stakeholder feedback, a public recommendation by the Superintendent, Board of Education public hearings and work sessions, and the Board’s additional processes to consider the Superintendent’s recommendation. The Feasibility Study offers the first opportunity for parents/guardians to reflect on potential changes to current school attendance areas. The final decision will not be made by the Board of Education until November 2022.

More information, resources, a timeline, and additional ways to participate and provide feedback are available online.

Language support is available through the HCPSS call center: