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Student Preferred Names Settings

December 9th, 2020

Update: January 7, 2021

In a virtual setting, student names are displayed in several locations, including in Canvas and Google. Some students are more comfortable with their nicknames instead of given names being displayed. Students may contact their school administrator to request a preferred name that will replace their displayed name in Google and Canvas only. Requesting a preferred name does not impact students’ legal names in HCPSS systems. All preferred names will be approved by school staff prior to displaying in Google and Canvas.

Students will receive directions in Canvas on how to add a preferred name. You may view your child’s preferred name by:

  1. Logging in to HCPSS Connect
  2. Selecting Student Info from the left navigation
  3. Looking for the Preferred First Name field under Student Name to see what is currently set. The requested preferred name will show in Canvas and Google beginning in early January 2021.

Preferred names are nicknames or names the students preferred to be called. This is not the same as presenting name, in which a change is made so that the name and/or gender of the student reflects the student’s identity. If your child is transgender or gender non-binary, they should reach out to their school counselor to discuss the presenting name option.

Parents/guardians who would like their child’s preferred name to be changed should contact their school administrator.