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Superintendent Op-Ed: Pursuing a Career in Education

August 1st, 2023

Michael J. Martirano, Superintendent

I recently published an op-ed in the Howard County Times titled, “Here’s why you should pursue a career in public education.” I encourage you to read the piece in its entirety on the Howard County Times’ website, but I will summarize the content for those who don’t have access.

I chose to be an educator at an early age and have never regretted my decision. I have cherished the work I’ve done as a teacher, school administrator, Central Office director, and superintendent because I know I am helping prepare our young people to live fulfilling and successful lives. Education is one of the most important careers there is.

Unfortunately, fewer high school graduates are pursuing a career in education, but I think we can reverse this trend. There has been significant public dialog and action related to increasing teacher salaries and limiting the additional workload on educators so they can spend the majority of their time on instruction and tending to the needs of their students. In just five years, the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) has increased the starting teacher salary for teachers from $47,800 to almost $58,500 for the 2022–2023 school year. Additionally, we have prioritized hiring increased support staff who assist the classroom instructors by tending to the mental health and other needs students must have met in order to achieve academically.

We are constantly seeking motivated and quality educators in Howard County. It is imperative that we not only have wonderful educators who have gone through college teacher-preparation programs upon graduating from high school, but that we also attract people from all perspectives, backgrounds, and current careers. If your current career is leaving you unfulfilled or you struggle to find great importance in your work, I implore you to consider taking the next off-ramp and merging your talents and energy with HCPSS and all we have to offer.

Our school system is always rated so highly because we attract the very best people to lead our children. I place the utmost priority on relationship building because I know the impact it has on students, staff and families we tend to every day.

The students who attend our schools are waiting for you to provide them with the guidance, expertise and support you have been gaining throughout your education and career. They need – and want – you to get to know them and alter the trajectory of their lives for the betterment of their future and for our community.

Please visit the HCPSS website to begin pursuing your dream career today. It’s a decision I made many years ago, and one I would make all over again. I hope you’ll join me.