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Open Call for Leadership Volunteers for CAC, Apply by March 8, 2021

March 3rd, 2021

Are you passionate about issues that affect the school system? Do you want a chance to interact directly and regularly with the BOE and community members across the county to shape policy decisions? This may be just the opportunity for you to be more involved!

The HCPSS Board of Education’s Community Advisory Council (CAC) announces an open call for leadership volunteers to serve on the Executive Committee for the 2021-2022 school year. The CAC serves as liaison between the Board of Education (BOE) and the community at large, meets monthly during the school year, and reports directly to the BOE. The Executive Committee receives from the community concerns, information, and inquiries about matters within the province of the Board and researches issues as appropriate. In our goal to build a broad base of community voices across the county, we are seeking nominees for the Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Secretary, and Policy Committee Chair.

As an Executive Committee member, you will lead a dedicated community of volunteers as the CAC participates in HCPSS Policy review. Success requires the ability to objectively and impartially represent and share broad-based majority and minority opinion on issues such as the school-year calendar, all policies under review, and budgeting with the BOE. Successful candidates should be reliable, be able to lead substantive discussions, and be comfortable with public speaking. The leadership team should be committed to the integrity of the CAC, an incredibly important component of maintaining and improving the great public school education of Howard County.

If you are interested in serving in any of the above roles please respond on or before March 8, 2021 to the Nominating Committee at In order to be considered, an individual should already be a CAC member, or will need to attend the March 17th meeting in order to be voted in as a member prior to the election meeting on April 14. If you have questions regarding the roles, please also feel free to reach out to the current Executive Committee at

To learn more about the CAC, you may review Policy 2060 at BoardDocs® Pro.