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Boundary Review Updates: Message from the Superintendent and Boundary Review Process Update

July 24th, 2019

A Message from the Superintendent

Dear HCPSS Community,

As we continue our Boundary Review process, please be mindful that our children look to us to model civility and respect for others, and will follow our lead in how we interact with each other.

Just last week there was information shared in some of our communities that disparaged several schools. As a result, several principals had to reassure their school communities and address the hurtful information shared about their school. This is unacceptable. Spreading information or messages that criticize or reflect negatively on specific schools or neighborhoods can be very damaging and hurtful. It goes against the values our county represents and violates our shared principles of civility and mutual respect.

The boundary review process will conclude on November 21, 2019 when the Board of Education will make its decision. We know that this can be an emotional process but I ask each of you, as parents and guardians, to help us model the behavior we expect our children to embody.


Michael J. Martirano

Boundary Review Process Update

AAC meetings. The AAC held its last meeting on July 9 and has provided its recommendations for the Superintendent to consider when developing his recommendation to the Board. AAC meeting minutes and presentations can be found online.

Public input. The four public input sessions have concluded; however, you can continue to provide feedback to help inform the Superintendent’s recommendations, by completing the online survey or submitting alternative boundary solutions by August 1.

Next steps. The Superintendent will make his recommendation to the Board of Education on Tuesday, August 20. The Board will gather feedback from the community during public hearings on September 17, 24 and 26, and will hold work sessions on October 10, 24 and 30, and November 5, 12, 14 and 18. Find more details including how you can provide testimony.

On Thursday, November 21, the Board will make a decision on redistricting for the 2020-2021 school year.

What happens after the Board makes its decision? HCPSS has plans in place to support students who will transition to a new school. Learn what to expect and find answers to frequently asked questions about transitioning.

Boundary Review online resources

The HCPSS Boundary Review page includes complete and updated information and resources related to the boundary review process.