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HCPSS Insight: Understanding PARCC Home Reports, Dec. 22

December 8th, 2015

Tuesday, Dec. 22, Noon-1 p.m. – Watch live on our website or HCPSS-TV (Comcast Channel 95/Verizon Channel 42)

Join our panel of experts to better understand and interpret the PARCC Mathematics and English Language Arts home reports. The panelists cover the content found in the report, identify additional resources available and explore ways that parents can continue to support their children at home.

Panel includes:

HCPSS in January will offer four PARCC informational sessions to help parents interpret and understand their child’s PARCC results and explore ways to support their child at home.

More information on the PARCC test also is available on our website.

1:58 – What are some of the changes that are being made to PARCC in the second year?

3:36 – What is PARCC measuring?

4:12 – What have we seen in last year’s test results?

5:02 – What tests are students taking?

7:42 – Brief overview of the PARCC home report score levels.

9:44 – How have the five performance level settings been determined and could there be a shift in those moving forward?

11:12 – How are the PARCC results of advanced students taken into account for class placements?

16:09 – Will students only be taking one test in high school because of federal requirements?

14:51 – Overview of additional information found on the PARCC home reports.

23:32 – Are we seeing that PARCC results are aligning with the results of our other assessments?

24:57 – What could parents do as a result of their child’s PARCC home reports?

27:37 – What are some of the considerations that parents should be aware of with PARCC as a graduation requirement for high school students?

31:01 – In future years, what do we predict will be the turnaround time for parents receiving the PARCC home reports?

33:00 – Do we foresee schools using PARCC results for class placements?

34:44 – Are there PARCC practice tests available that parents can access?

36:16 – In the future, could PARCC reports be delivered to parents through the Canvas Learning Management System?

37:20 – Are there any costs associated with PARCC that HCPSS is responsible for?

38:39 – Why are states releasing PARCC scores at different times?

40:45 – Are teachers assisting students in areas they may have struggled on the PARCC test (particularly language standards) and how can parents support their child with language?

46:22 – Could any consideration be given to getting reports to parents in the beginning of the summer so parents can support their child throughout the break?

48:17 – If a high school student doesn’t score well on PARCC when it becomes a graduation requirement will they have an opportunity to retake the test?

50:16 – What insight can we gather about a student that scores differently on PARCC from year to year?

52:38 – How will we support students that may lack in knowledge taught in previous school years?

54:41 – How did Howard County perform in the first year of PARCC compared to other districts and states?