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Restored Bus Routes and Other Transportation Updates, Sept. 14, 2023

September 14th, 2023

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The following is adapted from a message sent by HCPSS Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano to HCPSS families on Thursday, Sept. 14, 2023:

Yesterday, I shared a message with you detailing the shift in start times beginning Wednesday, Sept. 20 to address the significant bus delays that have impacted our school system. Based on our review of bus arrival data since the beginning of the school year and the modeling completed by the team, I am optimistic that these adjustments and further fine-tuning of our specialized routes will get our students to school on-time, and eliminate the significant delays many of you have experienced.

As promised, I will be providing daily updates as we implement these start time adjustments. Today, we added Frequently Asked Questions to the website based on questions I have received regarding the shift in times. Several of those can be found at the end of this message.

I am pleased to report that the final three buses that were suspended will be restored beginning Monday, Sept. 18. Using all our bus contractors, all our more than 500 routes will run on Monday. Please note that the HCPSS online bus locator is currently offline as staff work to adjust the times and routes in preparation for the Sept. 20 implementation of adjusted start times. While the locator is offline, routes and pickup/drop-off times can be found on the HCPSS website. Families served by the following restored routes will receive additional information via email.

Old Bus No. New Bus No. Schools Served
1070 202 Hammond HS, Hammond MS, Guilford ES
1144 1144 Atholton HS, Swansfield ES, Atholton ES
1165 853 Atholton HS, Wilde Lake MS

Note: 1144 was previously scheduled for Atholton HS, Swansfield ES and Waterloo ES. Waterloo Bus 1144 is now Bus 1201.

Thank you to all our families and staff for your continued collaboration as we address our transportation challenges. As I have shared before, it is unacceptable that we encountered these challenges, but it is absolutely critical that we address them as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQs on start times can be found online, including: