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Meet Some of HCPSS’ Outstanding Substitute Teachers

March 13th, 2023

HCPSS is fortunate to have a pool of outstanding substitute teachers who come into our classrooms often on short notice and support our students and staff. As the following quotes from HCPSS leaders show, these substitutes are not only quick to embrace and work hard at whatever role they are assigned; they are also valued members of the school community who build meaningful relationships with students, staff, and families alike.

Amanda Clark
“Ms. Clark has been a wonderful addition to the TRES family this year! She has a true commitment to our community, as a mother of two TRES students and our permanent building sub. Each morning, Ms. Clark excitedly receives her daily assignment and schedule. Her flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of our school each day are unmatched. She could be assigned to Kindergarten one minute, to P.E. the next, then fly over to recess or lunch duty to pitch in. She has acquired a variety of skills over the past few months and has been able to develop positive relationships with students and staff across the school building. Through her experiences, Ms. Clark has found her spark for teaching and even enrolled in a Masters program for education! We are excited to support her through her new educational adventure! As a school administration and staff, we are grateful for Ms. Clark’s dedication to our students and teachers!” – Heather Moraff, Assistant Principal, Triadelphia Ridge Elementary School

Willie Duose meets with a small group of students at Stevens Forest Elementary School.
Willie DuBose meets with a small group of students at Stevens Forest Elementary School.

Willie DuBose
“Mr. DuBose is an incredible Daily Building Substitute at Stevens Forest Elementary School who has served in this position since 2019. Not only is Mr. DuBose reliable and flexible with the ever-changing schedules of a permanent guest teacher, but he is also student-centered to his core. From day one, Mr. DuBose has proven to have a passion for student success and learning and is always willing to go above and beyond in his role. Mr. DuBose has built positive relationships with students in PreK-5th grade as well as with our families. All the students at SFES know that Mr. DuBose is a staff member who cares about them and will help them in any way possible. He fosters that sense of belonging at our school and is a trusted adult who cares about students personally, academically, and makes them feel like important Bobcats in our building. The staff at SFES know the impact Mr. DuBose has on our school community and is grateful for his service every single day.” -Katie Carter, Assistant Principal, Stevens Forest Elementary School

Emma Eckert
“Ms. Eckert was an unexpected surprise to TRES, as she graduated with a degree in education this past December. After her first sub job, the administration knew that they needed to recruit her as a regular substitute teacher to TRES. With her background and experience, Ms. Eckert has been a seamless fit in all classrooms and grade levels. Ms. Eckert is a positive presence and exudes energy and a willingness to help all students. She has jumped right in, being a support to many classroom teachers and has also provided individualized support to students. Ms. Eckert has been a gift to us as the season of illness has fallen upon us! She has committed to supporting the TRES staff and student community until she is off to experience teaching across the seas!” – Heather Moraff, Assistant Principal, Triadelphia Ridge Elementary School

Amy Greaney
“Ms. Greaney is a hard-working member of our team, and not only is a huge resource as another person to step in when a teacher is out, but has also long-term subbed, did planning and grading too. She was a huge support when we had a music vacancy and co-leads a club at TVMS which helps to support our LGBTQ+ students.” – Denise Young, Principal, and David Klotz, Assistant Principal, Thomas Viaduct Middle School

Jennifer Hunter
“Jennifer Hunter is a former Longfellow Elementary School parent who, in recent years, has become a reliable substitute teacher in our building. She is highly responsive and flexible and connects and works well with our students. Our learners are familiar with her across the grade levels, and she has supported students in the classroom and for small group interventions when needed. Ms. Hunter is the equivalent of another full-time staff member, and we are sincerely grateful to have her as a part of our school community. Her kindness, compassion, and commitment are evident each day she works with our Longfellow Eagles.” – Derek Anderson, Principal, Longfellow Elementary School

Robin Jean-Baptiste
“Robin Jean-Baptiste is a significant asset to our Ohana here at Wilde Lake High School. Mr. Jean-Baptiste was hired as a long-term culinary substitute in the Fall. We were so excited to have Mr. Jean-Baptiste as he is an alumnus of WLHS. Mr. Jean-Baptiste is dependable, he is flexible, his communication skills are impeccable and the rapport that he has established with our students and staff is amazing! We look forward to continuing to work with Mr. Jean-Baptiste for the remainder of the school year and hopefully in the future. He is a tremendous asset to HCPSS, specifically Wilde Lake High School.” – Kelly Broyles, CTE Instructional Leader, Wilde Lake High School

Robin Jean-Baptiste.
Robin Jean-Baptiste meets with a Wilde Lake High School student.

Jake Simon
“Mr. Simon is punctual, here every day, and has built great relationships with our students and staff. He steps into any class period with a willingness to make the most of the opportunity, including providing coverage in lunches, chaperoning field trips, and helping to provide longer-term coverage in our math department. Mr. Simon even has an extra pair of shoes stashed in the office for days he helps out in P.E.! At MVMS, we are so thankful to have Mr. Simon in our building daily, and he has helped to ensure that our students have a safe, nurturing educational experience throughout this school year.” – Chris Nobis, Assistant Principal, Mt. View Middle School

Lynne Smoot
“Lynne Smoot is one of our amazing subs at CLES. She has taken on multiple long-term substitute (LTS) jobs for us since the pandemic. She immersed herself in learning the technology to be an effective instructor during virtual learning and worked hard to engage the students. This year, she is completing her 2nd LTS job here and will be finishing the year with a 3rd LTS position. For each position, she has proactively signed up for professional learning opportunities to learn more about the curriculum she will be teaching. She comes to work each day with a positive attitude and is communicative with staff, students and families. We feel so lucky to have her as part of our CLES staff!” – Alayna Lynam, Assistant Principal, Centennial Lane Elementary School

Sujatha Sudhakar
“Sujatha Sudhakar is our building’s permanent sub. She is flexible, positive, and always willing to lend a hand when she has a free moment. She has built relationships with many of our students and treats them with kindness and dignity. We feel very fortunate to have her with us daily!” – Alayna Lynam, Assistant Principal, Centennial Lane Elementary School

Shannon White.
Shannon White teaches a class at Guilford Elementary School.

Shannon White
“When Shannon White interviewed for the position of permanent sub at Guilford ES, we knew right away she was exactly what we needed! Shannon has no formal training as a teacher yet if you walked into a classroom where she is teaching you would never be able to tell. She is an absolute master at building relationships with students in all grade levels, has a passion for teaching and making sure she is getting the best out of our students, and her classroom management is impeccable! Mrs. White is held in high regard by all staff and we know we are better for having her as part of the Guilford ES family.” – Trish A. Lannon, Principal, Guilford Elementary School

Lana Williamson
“Ms. Williamson is such a wonderful daily addition to our staff. She builds community with the students and they see her as a daily resource in our building. She is patient and flexible. She takes the initiative to fill in spaces before she is even asked. With her help, we don’t have to use teachers to cover classes when the jobs aren’t picked up. We are so lucky to have her.” – Lisa J. Smith, Principal, Hammond Middle School- Lisa J. Smith, Principal, Hammond Middle School

Lana Williamson.
Lana Williamson works with a student at Hammond Middle School.