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At-Home COVID-19 Test Kit Distribution

January 27th, 2022

Update: Feb. 2, 2022

Due to vendor delays, at-home COVID-19 testing kits expected to be distributed in early February will not be delivered as expected. HCPSS continues to work with the current vendor, in addition to reaching out to others, in obtaining these kits. More information will be provided as test kits are received.

During the recent rise in COVID-19 positivity rates, readily available testing was difficult for many families to find. As families await delivery of federally available tests, and the County seeks to increase testing opportunities, HCPSS has secured a limited number of tests for students and staff using Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds.

During the week of Feb. 7, HCPSS will be distributing one at-home COVID-19 rapid test kit to every student and staff member. Each test kit contains two tests and is intended to support diagnostic testing at home when students or staff are experiencing COVID-like symptoms.

Regardless of the outcome of the test, individuals who are symptomatic should refrain from entering HCPSS buildings. Students and staff who receive a positive test result should follow the family reporting or staff reporting procedures available online.

Instructions for using the tests are provided with the kit and questions should be directed to the testing manufacturer.

While HCPSS anticipates receiving additional rapid at-home test kits through federal, state and county distributions, the timeline and quantity of distribution is unknown at this time.