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Outdoor Lunches in Cold Weather

November 23rd, 2021

Outdoor lunch will continue to be an option for any student who wishes to do so, as the weather allows.

Please note that the decision to allow for outdoor lunch is at the discretion of each school administrator, while considering the following criteria:

Parents/guardians of children who wish to eat outside should encourage their child(ren) to dress appropriately for the temperatures, including wearing a coat, hat and/or gloves each day. Parents or guardians may change their preference of eating location at any time by emailing their administrator.

The opportunity for outdoor eating has been one of several effective COVID-19 mitigation strategies employed to keep school communities healthy and safe. Please visit the HCPSS website regarding health and safety measures, including what is being done to ensure indoor dining safety.

In addition, parents/guardians are to perform a COVID-19 health check every day before the student leaves home. Parents/guardians should keep their children home if they are experiencing symptom(s) associated with any communicable disease, including COVID-19.