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New Partnership Spreads Acts of Kindness by Increasing Access to School Supplies

March 19th, 2021

The Howard County Public School System has partnered with The Kindness Pantry to support teachers and students by providing an inventory of school supplies to schools.

Under the terms of the agreement, The Kindness Pantry will collaborate with participating schools to develop school-specific supply lists. The Kindness Pantry will coordinate the collection and distribution of school supplies by establishing online wish lists, working with community members and organizations to fulfill school supply requests, conducting school supply drives, and organizing and distributing donated supplies.

The formal partnership agreement was signed by HCPSS Superintendent Michael J. Martirano and The Kindness Pantry Co-Founders Greta Luhar and Sara Miller.

The Kindness Pantry was founded in 2019 with a mission to provide opportunities for the Howard County community to support teachers and students throughout the county by donating supplies and snacks directly to schools.

The Howard County Public School System’s Partnerships Office has united schools with more than 1,000 businesses and community organizations to enhance the educational experience of Howard County students. Partnerships benefit schools, businesses and the entire community by leveraging the resources of all participants. Partners may commit human or financial resources or other support.