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Board of Education Approves New Equity Policy

October 23rd, 2020

The HCPSS Board of Education recently approved the school system’s first equity policy. The purpose of Policy 1080 Educational Equity is to achieve educational equity by establishing expectations related to the identification and elimination of disparities in education outcomes.

HCPSS endeavors to provide academic and non-academic supports specific to each student, so all students are empowered to meet their highest potential. The school system is committed to providing all students with a dynamic and educational program that nurtures their cognitive, social and emotional well-being and affirms their identity and experience.

In the policy, the Board acknowledges that educational equity is impacted by a multitude of discriminatory practices that are long-standing and systemic in nature. Systemic racism, ableism, sexism, implicit and explicit bias, institutional barriers, and other oppressive practices are significant contributors to inequitable outcomes for students.

The policy mandates addressing disparities in educational equity as a priority in each school, including but not limited to, access to advanced coursework, extracurricular activities, identification for specialized services, discipline, suspension/expulsion practices, achievement, and graduation rates between student groups.

For more information, view Policy 1080 Educational Equity.