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Continuity of Learning Updates April 14, 2020

April 14th, 2020

The following email provides links and helpful resources. Additional information is provided on the HCPSS website.

Continuity of Learning Plan

The HCPSS continuity of learning plan implementation continues with Phase 3 of our distance learning for high school students. This will be followed by middle and elementary school students on Monday, April 20 who will transition from Phase 2 of teacher supported distance learning. View detailed schedules for all levels online. Find the latest updates on issues such as GT placements and mitigation of learning gaps, and the status of our work in addressing other matters including grading and attendance.

New Meal Site

Meal service started today at a 14th distribution site: Hollifield Station Elementary School. Meal service is similar at each location in which participants will be given a Grab-N-Go snack, lunch and dinner for that day, as well as a Grab-N-Go breakfast for the following day. Friday distributions at school-based locations also will include meals to sustain children through the weekend. Participants are encouraged to bring a bag to carry home meals each day. Parents/guardians may pick up meals for their child(ren).

Device Distribution

Device distribution for most high school students concluded last week. Moving forward, devices will be packaged and mailed/delivered to families of elementary and middle school students who have requested to borrow them, as well as any high school students who have not yet received a requested device. Parents/guardians who requested devices will receive an email from their school with specifics, including when devices are being shipped and how to confirm receipt of the device. Learn more about the device distribution process.

Jumpstart Dual Enrollment

Teachers may assign additional work to students participating in Jumpstart Dual Enrollment to ensure they complete all required Howard Community College (HCC) assignments and are eligible to earn HCC credit. Understanding that this is a busy time for students and families, students may withdraw from the HCC credit-bearing portion of the course if they do not think they will be able to complete the additional work to meet the HCC requirements. HCC extended the withdrawal date to Tuesday, May 12, to allow students time to adjust to distance learning and make an informed decision about continuing with their coursework. Students may withdraw using Self-Service: Student Planning. Choosing to withdraw from a course will result in a grade of W on student transcripts; students will not be provided with a refund of tuition or fees. Students should email for assistance or questions regarding the billing and withdrawal process.

Supporting Instruction at Home

As students begin distance learning, students and families may want to review this resource designed to help families in adjusting to a home-based learning environment. Suggestions are provided for establishing a schedule, creating an environment conducive to learning, and transitioning to distance learning. Print copies are available at HCPSS meal sites.

Account Self-Service for Students

Students have the ability to retrieve their usernames and reset passwords, independent of teachers and staff. Directions on using self-service can be found online.

Counseling Services for Students, Families and Staff

The COVID–19 pandemic has made this an especially stressful time for many, especially those already impacted by mental health concerns. Find information about local and online resources for counseling and mental health supports for you and your family on our website.

CARE (Child and Adolescent Resources and Education) Line

The Howard County Office of Children and Families provides a free information and referral service for questions about behavior, child care, special needs, health and mental health concerns, financial assistance and other topics. The CARE line staff works with families to identify their needs and help find solutions. Call 410–313-CARE (2273) (voice/ relay) or email More details online.

Help Community Members Through Donating Funds

Four local philanthropies have announced new emergency funds and actions to support community members affected by COVID–19. The Community Foundation of Howard County, Horizon Foundation, United Way of Central Maryland and Women’s Giving Circle of Howard County are working together to assess where assistance may be needed, provide funding, and accept donations to assist Howard County nonprofits on the front line of support, focusing on assisting with food security, housing, childcare and healthcare. For more information visit

2020 Census

Several HCPSS programs rely on funding based on accurate census information. For this and several other reasons, all families are encouraged to participate in the 2020 census, which may be completed online. Learn more.