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Attendance During 2019-2020 Continuity of Learning

April 23rd, 2020

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Active student participation is the key to student achievement, both in the classroom and during distance learning. Teachers are working hard to design engaging Continuity of Learning lessons and activities, both for Google Meet check-in sessions and online assignments. Regular participation is essential for student growth, and students are expected to engage in learning activities every week.

Beginning Monday, April 27, 2020, teachers at all levels will document student attendance during Continuity of Learning using a point system based on student participation in learning activities each week. Students earning the required minimum number of points will be marked “Present” for the week; those earning fewer points will be marked “Absent.” Staff will monitor each student’s level of participation, and will reach out to families to provide additional support for students frequently marked “Absent.”

The following indicators will be used to document attendance points for each level.

Elementary school students are expected to participate in at least three different activities every week: virtual check-ins on Google Meet, work in Dreambox, and work in LexiaCore5. Students should also engage in activities posted in Canvas. Each of the following activities will earn students 1 point:

Every student who earns at least 1 point during the week by participating in these activities will be marked “Present” for the entire week. A student who does not participate in any activities during the week earns no points and will be marked “Absent” for the week. While not used to track attendance, student participation in Canvas will be part of quarter 4 grading.

Middle and High School
Secondary students are expected to participate in two different types of Continuity of Learning activities every week: virtual Google Meet check-ins with teachers and completion of weekly assignments, submitted via Canvas by the Friday of each week. Middle and high school students have virtual check-ins for seven periods and are expected to complete seven check-ins and seven assignments each week.

Detailed information about student check-in schedules and activities is provided on the HCPSS Continuity of Learning website. Information about 4th quarter grading is provided online.