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Waverly Elementary Displays New Sensory Path

June 11th, 2019

Waverly teacher Andrea Brandt with a group of students. class=

Waverly Elementary School now offers a beautiful sensory path that provides sensory breaks for its students, including those with special needs. The path stretches out with colorful graphics on seven areas of the school building’s floors and walls, enabling students to take a “brain break,” develop motor skills, stimulate the senses and refocus for learning.

A team of more than 25 staff members and families installed the path this spring. It became a reality thanks to Waverly teacher Andrea Brandt, along with her husband, who supported the project through their daughter Gretchen’s memorial fund.

Young studets running through a hallway lined with artwork on the wall and designs on the floor.

Two young male students hop down a hallway.

A young male student pulling his arm back as though he were going to throw a ball.

Male student putting his hands against a wall with handprints on it.

A young child's foot in a pink sneaker, standing on an image of a frog.