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HCPSS Launches Handle With Care Program

September 12th, 2018

Howard County public schools will participate in the state-mandated Handle With Care (HWC) program beginning on September 24 in partnership with the Howard County Police Department. The HWC program in Howard County intends to support children exposed to trauma and violence through improved communication and collaboration between law enforcement and school staff members.

With the HWC program, if a law enforcement officer encounters a child during an incident, that child’s name is forwarded to the school before the school bell rings the next day. Police are trained to send the school system a confidential email that simply says “handle this child with care” with no additional details.

The school responds in trauma-sensitive ways, so that identified children are “Handled With Care.” If a child needs more interventions, school counselors are available.

HWC complements HCPSS’ efforts to ensure the social-emotional well-being for all children, so they are prepared to thrive academically.

For more information on the HWC program, visit the Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention HWC page and school protocols.