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Talbott Springs Elementary School on Track for Replacement of Current Building

May 21st, 2018

The Howard County Board of Education voted during its May 17, 2018 meeting to move forward with re-evaluating and redesigning a replacement of the Talbott Springs Elementary School (TSES). The new school is scheduled for occupancy in August 2022.

The decision to move forward with a school replacement rather than a renovation/addition was based on several factors, including a review of projected enrollment, the State-rated capacity of the existing and adjacent schools, possible cost savings due to a more efficient design, and the potential for increased State funding participation.

Funding is a critical consideration for the replacement project. The HCPSS is working to resolve the State’s concerns in an effort to gain support for increased State funding participation at the replacement rate. The school system has determined there is $3.7 million in surplus from other substantially completed capital projects. Howard County government has also pledged to allocate sufficient funding for the project during its next several annual budget cycles.

As planning for the replacement school proceeds, the HCPSS staff will engage Talbott Springs Elementary School staff and the community as part of the planning process. Updates on the Talbott Springs Elementary School replacement project will be posted to the Capital Budget page on the HCPSS website.