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Acting Superintendent Announces Central Office Reorganization

June 22nd, 2017

New Service Delivery Model Promotes Equity, Responsiveness and Transparency

Howard County Public School System Acting Superintendent Michael J. Martirano announced plans for a reorganized Central Office, structured to drive his vision for a robust instructional program that ensures equity and enables all students to reach their greatest potential. The new model is aligned to several core principles that include school responsiveness, continuous improvement, employee and community engagement, and transparency in every aspect of school system operations. The revised structure was presented to the Howard County Board of Education during its June 22 meeting, and goes into effect on July 1, 2017.

“We are looking to create the most dynamic and innovative leadership team in America, empowered to focus all of our processes, products and relationships around what’s best for children,” said Martirano. “In Howard County, we have the rare combination of resources, talent and momentum that can transform our system into the finest in the nation.”

The new organization provides a flatter leadership model that fosters cross- and vertical collaboration and opens lines of communication at all levels throughout the school system. With a focus on instruction as a birth-through-graduation continuum, the new structure better positions the school system to address and overcome factors that contribute to the achievement gap.

Dr. Martirano’s senior leadership team will consist of:

Three new Community Superintendent positions, each overseeing a regional cluster of elementary, middle and high schools, will report to the Chief School Management and Instructional Leadership Officer. These positions are currently open.

Additional new positions are:

“A superintendent rarely has the opportunity to effectuate change at this level and scope,” said Martirano. “I am grateful for the tremendous support from our Board of Education, county leaders, parents, teachers and staff, and entire community that make this new direction possible.”

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