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Howard County Public School System to Host Site Visits as Part of Regional Conference on Personalized Learning

February 24th, 2017

The Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) will host site visits at two schools during the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Conference on Personalized Learning, “Innovating Education For All Learners.” The two-day conference kicks off with school visits to River Hill High School in Clarksville and Bonnie Branch Middle School in Ellicott City.

The conference is a major national movement to use education technology to personalize learning, accelerate student achievement, and address students’ needs and interests. During the site visits, conference participants will observe the innovative programs and commitment to the use of technology to improve student outcomes in place at HCPSS.

River Hill High School utilizes web-based and synchronous video technology to provide additional learning options for students, including expanded course access for low-enrollment and less commonly taught courses. A video camera in the primary classroom allows for real-time video streaming of instruction for students participating remotely via personal technology devices. Participants will visit classrooms and the student media center, and hear from staff and students.

Bonnie Branch Middle School emphasizes strengths-based classrooms that use real life experiences to maximize student learning. Recent initiatives include a student and staff collaborative project to redesign a classroom and the integration of student selected multi-disciplinary topics.