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Graduation Fun Times Four

May 31st, 2016

If you attend the River Hill High School (RHHS) graduation ceremony on June 1, you might notice the Scott surname called several times. Four of them are the Scott quadruplets, Alexis, Brandon, Christina and Dominique (A, B, C, D). The Scotts, with plenty of personality and ambition among them, are proudly their own individuals sharing a tight bond. The siblings, well-rounded with résumés filled with activities and achievements, have always been college-driven, though with different career goals. All four will attend Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, with scholarships, this fall.

The Scotts shared they enjoy going to school together because “We always have someone to help you and guide you. We have each other.”

Meet the Scotts and learn about their high school experiences and future plans.

Name: Alexis Scott

Favorite High School Subjects: statistics, choir, English, psychology

High School Extracurricular Activities: National Honor Society, Delta Scholars, Leading Ladies (acapella group)

Favorite Memories from RHHS: going to sporting events with my friends, hanging out on Friday nights, spirit days

College/Career Plans: Duquesne University, major in communications, minor in psychology on a pre-law track

What You’re Most Excited About for College: freedom, more responsibility, new friends

Name: Brandon Scott

Favorite High School Subjects: English, business

High School Extracurricular Activities: football (JV and varsity), track (varsity), school theater productions

Favorite Memories from RHHS: all the concerts I have been a part of, and pep rallies for homecoming and prom

College/Career Plans: Attending Duquesne University where I am majoring in marketing. Once I graduate from Duquesne, I want to go to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York, so I can start my own clothing company.

What You’re Most Excited About for College: I am excited to meet new people and hopefully find a career that I am interested in.

Name: Christina Scott

Favorite High School Subjects: English, dance, science

High School Extracurricular Activities: cheerleading (JV, varsity, captain senior year), Black Leadership Union, National Honor Society, Delta Scholars, Leading Ladies (acapella group)

Favorite Memories from RHHS: sporting events, participating in River Hill musicals, participating in River Hill dance concerts

College/Career Plans: Duquesne University, forensic science and law. Whatever I end up doing, I want to be out in the field, not in a lab.

What You’re Most Excited About for College: Experiencing new things and meeting new people. Also being in a new city.

Name: Dominique Scott

Favorite High School Subjects: math, career research & development, and music tech

High School Extracurricular Activities: JV and varsity basketball (4 years), track & field (1 year), Black Leadership Union, Delta Scholars, National Honor Society

Favorite Memories from RHHS: memories from basketball: winning against our rivals three times, team dinner, going to Ocean City/Delaware/Pennsylvania; and meeting so many great people and being selected to be a part of the National Honor Society

College/Career Plans: Going to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, major in business management and then possibly going into real estate

What You’re Most Excited About for College: I’m excited for the college life, to start my career, to meet so many new friends, sports, to learn how to manage my time better with so much free time, to do more community service and build more relationships with others, to figure out truly what I want to do/be in life.