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HCPSS 2020 Summer Programs to Be Held Online

May 21st, 2020

See the 2020 Summer Program Schedules and other Summer Program updates

In compliance with state and local guidelines, all HCPSS 2020 summer programs will be offered online. Virtual programs will have a modified schedule that will incorporate both live sessions and digital content that will be accessed online.

Updated Course Offerings

Updated course listings for the BSAP Summer Institute, G/T Summer Institutes for Talent Development and Innovative Pathways high school programs are available on the HCPSS Summer Programs webpage.

Withdrawal Requests


Student Technology Needs

FAQs on HCPSS Summer Programs can be found on the HCPSS Help site. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please email the contact for the summer program in which your student is enrolled. Questions regarding Academic Intervention may be directed to the student’s school administrator. Questions for ESY Special Education may be directed to the student’s special education case manager.